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My business

Hi! My name is Emily.  I started Spa Euphoria in 2014 because I love to see the results in all my clients. I also have a passion for relaxing people. I  have 10 years of experience in skin care. I use all natural, organic & clinical skin care.  These products provide the best results for all skin types.   I look forward to meeting you!

Phone number - (614)284-2446
Email - spaeuphoria2017@gmail.com
Emily Kays

My services

Facial Services

Signature Spa Facial - $65 (1 hr)

A customized facial for all your skin concerns. I will customize products to benefit your skin type and needs. Included with this facial is a décolleté, shoulder massage. Finish with a hand and arm massage. *Add-on a foot massage or mini shiatsu eye treatment for a more luxurious experience.

Luxury Facial - $95  (1 hr 30 min)

This 90 minute luxury facial includes a scalp massage, facial, mini shiatsu eye treatment as well as a hand/arm massage & a foot massage.  

Teen Clean Facial - $45 (1 hr) 

Adolescent skin can be very unpredictable and lead to insecurity for your teen. This facial not only treats their skin, it provides them with the knowledge to maintain results. Each treatment will begin with a brief consultation. We will discuss concerns we have and what factors may be affecting their skin. Following the facial, we will discuss a treatment plan and product recommendations This facial is intended for teens aged 13-18

Mens’s Facial- $65 (1 hr 15 min) 

Just for men! This facial includes a cleansing, a professional enzyme exfoliation, extractions (if needed), mask and moisturizer. A mini shiatsu eye treatment, décolleté, & shoulder massage are included to promote relaxation.

Relaxation Massage Services

Relaxation Massage - $65 (60 min) 

This full body relaxation massage is a great way to relieve tension and stress as well as increase blood circulation to promote deep relaxation.


Relaxation Massage - $95 (90 min)

This full body relaxation massage is a great way to relieve tension and stress as well as increase blood circulation to promote deep relaxation. Included is a scalp massage & facial massage.  

Sugar Glow Back Scrub - $40 (30 min)

This back treatment uses an organic sugar scrub to slough off dry skin, warm coconut oil for a relaxing back and shoulder massage, hot steamed towels and a hydrating moisturizer to finish.

Upper Body Massage - $35 (30 min)

This massage is for the upper body.  It focuses mainly on the back, neck, & shoulders.  

Waxing Services

Brow wax/shaping - $20 
Upper Lip - $10 
Cheek wax- $25 
Chin Wax- $10 
Bikini- $35 
Brazilian  - (women only) $55 
Full Face - $50 
Full Leg- $95 
Half Leg - $45 
Full Arm - $45 
Half Arm - $25 
Chest/Stomach - $75 
Brow/Lip- $30
Brow/Lip/Chin- $40
Back Wax - $55 
Eyebrow Tweeze/Shape - $12 
Underarm - $18 

Tinting Services

Eyebrow Tint-  $20 (30 min)

Enhance the appearance of your brow shape & color. 

Ideal for those with a brows that are hard to see or for those seeking a more defined look to their brow shape. 

Available in light brown, brown, auburn & black.

Eyelash Tint- $25 (45 min)

Enhance the appearance of your lashes without the fuss and mess of mascara.  Available in dark brown, middle brown, black or blue black Please do not wear contact lenses.

Add-On Services

Add-On Services:

Foot Scrub- $25 (20 min) 

Scalp Massage - $12 (15 min)

Mini Eye Treatment - $25 (30 min) 

Specialty Services

Shiatsu Eye Treatment - $65 (1 hr 15 min) 

This treatment is a combination of facial massage and acupressure massage with many benefits. 

-Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles

-Relieves sinus pressure, headaches, tension, and stress

-Increases blood flow and flushes out lymphatic fluid 

-Rejuvenates and refreshes your overall appearance

Aromatherapy treatment $35 ($40) 

- This incredibly relaxing  treatment for the back will take you on an aroma filled journey.   Applied only to your back, 8 carefully selected oils will be layered on your spinal cord and then lightly massaged on.  To end the treatment,  orange and peppermint are massaged onto the bottoms of your feet, and a hot steamed towel compressed onto your back with light pressure.  This treatment is excellent with those who struggle with fibromyalgia & other chronic pain conditions.

Spa Packages

Best of Both - $125 (2hrs 15min) 

-Includes a full body 60 min relaxation massage & a Signature Spa Facial.   

Ultimate Spa Package - $155 (2 hr 45min) 

-Indulge yourself in an ultimate spa experience. Package includes a 60 minute relaxation massage, back scrub, a signature spa facial, a scalp massage and a mini shiatsu eye treatment.

Head to Toe Spa Package- $100 (1 hr 30 min) 

-Feel your stress melt away with this relaxing spa package that covers you from head to toe.  Included is a Shiatsu Eye Treatment, Scalp Massage, Hand/Arm Massage and a relaxing Foot Scrub/Massage. Schedule one today...Your body will thank you!

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